Icône des articles Site update

Hello Meganians!Over 400 items have been added to the game and the web wiki this week.The interface and launcher have begun to be modified to make it more attractive, and a short animated clip will be recorded very soon to begin to delve into the history of Megania.We cannot show preview images yet but they will be made public very soon. Stay tuned!Regards,GM Angel

Icône des articles Moving forward.

With all the classes well defined, it's time to add objects to the wiki.What game would it be if there were no weapons, armor, etc?Here you can see some examples (names may vary over time)   More on the way! GM Angel

Icône des articles Current state.

Good morning Meganians! Last weekend I have focus on updating the Wiki tab with accurate spells numbers and monsters stats. Also I have done some mapping and setting up game updater, interface and character level experience table.   I will give more information about this week work in 2 or 3 days (like always). Have a good week, GM Angel  

Icône des articles Raid system + more content

Progress has continued without rest, among other novelties there are: - Monster raid system to cities - New missions - New zones Next on the list: Update interface and put some finishing touches on gear and skills

Icône des articles Dwarf caves and minerals inside

Objective of the week:Finish two more dwarf caves and start a new island.Thanks to the ItchIo platform we have gained quite a few new users, we expect the same for steam.Greetings and have a good week!GM Angel

Icône des articles Game added to!

Although you can get the client through our website in the downloads section, it will also be available on and on steam. We have taken the first step, now we are waiting for you!