Icône des articles Site updated: Maps!

Under the tab Game>Maps I am uploading the most relevant maps, caves and dungeons won't be displayed here as there are many and it is something players should discover alone. Apart from that, I also updated monster wiki, added more maps ingame and new monsters.GM Angel

Icône des articles Lava Dragons

Here you have another area where dragon and wyrm eggs hatch. It is not advisable to venture into these caves alone, call your friends! Lava Dragons, Lava Dragon Hatchlings and Armored Dragon respawn. Greetings, GM Angel

Icône des articles The Dragon Lair

This is the entrance to the latest respawn added. Here there are: Dragons, Dragon Hatchlings, Lava Dragons and Wyrm Hatchlings. Avoid eggs, if you step on them it will spawn a Dragon Hatchling!

Icône des articles Minotaurs!

To the south of the plains of Tandul, crossing lizards and cemeteries, we can find in caves the minotaurs, a tribe that avoids civilization. More information soon on discord. Have a nice week, GM Angel    

Icône des articles Latest monsters

Hello! As always, I continue posting images of the current content. This week I added: - Lizards and Lizardmen - Eagles - Bats and Elder Bats - Witches    

Icône des articles News of the week!

Hello community!New monster respawns have been added this week; lizards, lizardmen, spiders and eagles.More quests are being completed and other monsters such as Cyclops are added. I will keep showing updates in Discord! GM Angel