Icône des articles Dungeon levels

Good night Meganians, More content will be shown over the weekend.In the new areas, an average of three floors (0, -1, -2) and in some cases a fourth are being added. For this reason, they are not constantly shown here, as they belong to the same biome.Here you can see the entrance to another city called Tandul and the beginning of the -2 floor of the cemetery (What will be on...

Icône des articles New progress: Consumables, emotes, quests

Hello community, Maybe you were wondering where I was, here you can see a little update: - Added 8 runes (players can buy or craft it themselves by buying empty runes) - 3 Ranks of health/mana potions - Player emotes - More quests - Setting up crafting mats for future weapons More mapping on the way, quests and in a few weeks I will be adding equipment to monster drops...

Icône des articles New content

Happy weekend!I won't enter in deails but these days I have added: - More web features, like inspect players, stats and items (enabled the following weeks) - More than 20 quests - Increased map size Get more info in our discord! GM Angel

Icône des articles Game Launcher 0.0.1

Yesterday launcher, patcher and updater were fully completed. In the future they will include more features, but since it is working right now I will continue creating maps and adding more content. GM Angel  

Icône des articles Many new maps coming soon.

This weekend the video game has come a long way. It is well planned and it is a matter of time before we meet in these lands.Graveyards, dragon lairs, gnome villages, dwarf mines, scarab tombs... and much more (more pics inside discord #show-off channel, there are daily updates).GIF: Thank you for your patience, Small delays to sh...

Icône des articles Swamp nearly completed

Right now, inside swamp you can find frogs, spiders, treants and carnivorous plants.You can watch a preview of the entrance here. As always, more content in our discord. GM Angel