Icône des articles Updates 09/06/2021

New sections have been added to the web and classes have been completed. We have a total of 45 spells (10-12 each class). This weekend if I have some free time I will try to record a gameplay video to show-off all spell animations. The new pages are:Wiki - Classes Wiki - Spell List Wiki - Monster List (under construction now) I hope you enjoy these new information, Farewel...

Icône des articles First short gameplay video

Today I recorded a short clip for the people of hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to comment the video and check news in discord!Sincerely, GM Angel

Icône des articles Spell creation + animations

Our job throughout the weekend will be to polish skills and animations. We leave you here some first impressions. Remember that there are more animations and content in our discord.

Icône des articles Remodeling + creating animations

Today more than 20 monsters have been added to the game source, this weekend we will find them a place to live (aka mapping). More content to come, stay tunned. GM Angel.

Icône des articles Development state.

Today I bring you good news, with the recent changes we are moving very fast to the objetive of an Alpha test this year. After completing "Whispering Forest" there will be a dragon area, and touching these eggs will break and spawn Dragon hatchlings. Do you want to see more? Join our discord, GM Angel

Icône des articles What is coming next?

This week I am focusing in "Whispering Forest", a map with fog, full of leprechouns, gnomes and mighty creatures, such as treants and carnivorous plants. Avoid this place during night time if you dont have any torchs to iluminate your path! Our community discord server is very active these days, you should join us to see more content. GM Angel.